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Pre-school: Fitness and Fun for the under 5s

ZODIAC PRE-SCHOOL CLASSES- Children must be accompanied by a parent/ adult carer

Structured class with Zodiac coaches. Classes have 2/3 main themes a term, based on the British Gymnastics Fundamental Movement Early Years badge system Stickers are awarded for effort and participation, and there is the opportunity to buy the relevant badge at the end of the term. 

The aim of the class is ‘gymnastics through fun’. The class includes warm up activities and a song. This is followed by the children separating into groups and moving round the equipment circuits with their parents and facilitated by one of our coaches, using fun, exciting, bright and educational play equipment in addition to full gymnastic apparatus as appropriate.  

Tuesday Afternoon (Pre-School 2)1.30pm to 2.20pm 

Saturday Morning (Pre-School 3) 9.00am to 9.50am

Pre-school Trial session £8.00 by prior arrangement.

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ZODIAC PRE-SCHOOL OPEN GYM SESSIONS- Children must be accompanied by a parent/ adult carer

Pay as you go unstructured sessions with the opportunity to use our specialist gymnastics and pre-school equipment for 45mins There is also opportunity to follow this with a visit to the Arc's Soft Play for 1 hour (or longer if you buy something from the arc cafe)     


Session 1

9.15-10am in Zodiac 10-11am in The Arc


Session 2

10.15-11am Zodiac 11-12pm in The Arc


Session 3

11.15-12pm Zodiac 12-1pm in The Arc 


No need to book: £6 per session (including arc soft play) 

Recreational- structured classes for school aged children with a focus on fun          

Recreational Class Trial session £10.00 by prior arrangement.                

Please visit the link on the home page to join our online waiting list.

Recreational 1 hour classes for boys & girls aged 5-6 years 

Gymnasts learn through fun, badge work, group challenges and different themes throughout the sessions. This term coaches will be tailoring sessions around our various themes such as 'hands week' and 'funky feet week'.

Tuesday 4pm-5pm (Rec 2) Wednesday 4pm-5pm (Rec 5) or Saturday 10am-11am (Rec 8)


Recreational 1hr 15min classes for girls aged 7-9 years

Each term we are work towards a different plans ie autumn term has a  theme every week with our first few weeks being 'hands week' and 'funky feet week'. Gymnasts that show potential are provided with opportunities to enter competitions.  

Tuesday 5pm-6.15pm (Rec 3); Thursday 6pm-7.15pm; (Rec 11) Saturday 11am-12.15pm; (Rec 9) for girls 7yr-9yrs


Recreational 1 hr 15 min classes for boys aged 7+ years 

Each term we are work towards a different plans ie autumn term has a  theme every week with our first few weeks being 'hands week' and 'funky feet week'. The boys only class means they get to work on the boys pieces, ie rings and Parallel bars. And boy specific skills.

Wednesday 7.15pm-8.30pm (Rec 6) for boys 7yrs+ 


Recreational 1hr 15min classes for girls aged 10-12 years

Each term we are work towards a different plans ie autumn term has a  theme every week with our first few weeks being 'hands week' and 'funky feet week'. Gymnasts that show potential are provided with opportunities to enter competitions.  

Tuesday 6.15pm-7.30pm (Rec 4); Saturday 12.15pm-1.30pm; (Rec 10) for girls 10yrs-12yrs

Recreational  1hr  teens class

This class gives gymnasts 13years+ a structured warm up and basic skill work, before having the option to go and choose the apparatus and skills they want to work on, under guidance from the coaches.

Monday 7.30pm-8.30pm

Adult Sessions- Age is not a limit! 

We run adult sessions for both men and women.  Come along and have fun keeping fit. If you wish, there is also the chance to learn some gymnastics skills, tailored to your ability and confidence. Adults can use all the equipment and if there is anything you would like to learn we can help.

Monday         8.30pm to 10pm  (structured classes including a conditioning session)

Cost £7.50 per session, Pay As You Go

membership is £23 which is due after 3 weeks and covers you with british gymnastics.




Squads- Training for Competitions and Performances

  • Squad training requires committment and dedication

  • Gymnasts train for up to 8 hours per week, for 48 weeks of the year.

  • Trial session £10.00, Per class by invitation only

Floor & Vault Squad

Floor and Vault squad gymnasts. These gymnasts train just over 3 hours a week in total, twice a week.

These gymnasts compete in local and London Gymnastics for All (GFA) Floor and Vault competitions.  

Development Squad

This class is for girls with squad potential and is aimed at perfecting the basic core elements on all four pieces of apparatus. These gymnasts will progress into the Floor and Vault Squad or Girls Squad.

Girls Club & Regional Squad

Advanced Gymnastics. These gymnasts currently train 8 hours and train on all 4 pieces of women's apparatus. This squad requires committment, dedication and lots of hard work. Competitions are on all four Pieces of apparatus. Invitation only.

Zodiac Display Team

Team routines that involve dance and gymnastics elements are performed at fetes and festivals throughout the year. A year long committment to the team is required. We have trials that take place once a year for the team and the gymnast also needs to take part in another class with our club, once a week. 

Make an enquiry or call 07808 522938

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4pm-5pm Development Squad Training  



4.30-6.30PM Floor & Vault Squad Training




Pre-School open gym sessions

Pre-School 3

Pre-school class with a parent/ carers


Birthday Parties from 10am onwards
4.45pm - 6pm
Floor & Vault Squad Training

1.30pm - 2.20PM
Pre-School 2

Pre-school class with a parent/ carers


Rec class 5

Boys & Girls
5-6 years


Rec class 11


7-9 years 




Squad Training

10 - 11AM
Rec class 8

Boys & Girls
5-6 years

British Gymnastics Coaching Courses:

9:30 to 5:30pm

Junior Girls Squad Training

Rec class 2
Boys & Girls

5-6 years


ALL Girls Squads Training





Squad Training

Rec class 9

7-9 Years


Girls Squad Training

5 - 6.15pm

Rec class 3


7-9 Years


Rec class 6


7+ years



ALL Girls Squads Training

12.15 - 1.30pm
Rec 10


Senior Girls Squad Training

6.15 - 7.30pm Rec class 4  Girls


8.30 - 10PM Unstructured Open Gym 16yrs+

(Please text the club in advance)

  8pm-9pm Regional Squad Training Birthday Parties from 2pm onwards


7.30 - 8.30pm
Rec class 1

13-16 years

7.30pm - 9pm Display Team 





Adult Structured Class