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Zodiac Display Team

The Display team was formed in 1995 when the school we were training in asked us to perform in their school fete. At the same time one of the gymnasts mum, had connections with Caterham Carnival and asked us to perform there. The Team was originally made up of the squad gymnasts. Each year our performance has a DIFFERENT THEME AND WITH DIFFERENT COSTUMES, with some of our 2002 display having their pictures in the BRITISH GYMNASTICS LEAFLET.

In 1996 we took part in London Festival of gymnastics for the first time, which was held at Crystal Palace, from there it moved to Wembley for the 1999 festival from there to Essex, and in 2004 it moved to Brentwood and is there for 2005.

The Display Team grew in numbers and a seperate time and day was made for the Display Team to train. As the rest of the club grew other gymnasts wanted to take part in the display team, so in 2000 the Display team became a separate section of the Club, to which the recreational and squads could join. From the beginning to 2002 the routines and themes were made by Carolle Kay, but from 2002, Coach Rachel has took over and gave the whole display team a new modern look. Assisted by Bex, some awesome and memorable routines were made and then in 2011 Coach Bex took over the team including choreography, outfits, music and has continued to lead the team ever since.

Every October we hold open trials to find possible new members of the team. In order to be in the team you must be able to do certain skills, be confident at heights, be a good team player, have charisma and personality and be able to follow and learn dance sometimes which is complex and challenging.

You can see us perform at local events and school events also during the summer months, this year make sure you come to watch us at Old Coulsdon Village Fayre, (Grange Park, Coulsdon) on Saturday 2nd July at 2pm!!

London Festival Routines

1996      Starlight Express

1997      Grease

1998      Rain


1999     Aliens/Men in Black & Lion King


2000      Saturday Night Fever

2001      Girl Power

2002      ABBA

2003      Punk

2004      Chicago

2005     Dance and Action Heroes.

2006     Halloween

2007     Moulin Rouge

2008     Oliver

2009     Mamma Mia.                      Seniors ~ Rhiannah

2010     War 1930/40's  & USA.     Seniors - Lady Gaga

2011     Lady Gaga & Money.        Seniors - Rock Chicks

2012     Candy.                               Seniors - Madhouse

2013     Les Mis.                             Seniors - Spice Girls

2014     Time.                                  Seniors - Survivor

2015     Electricity                           Seniors - Bruno Mars

2016     Magic                                 Seniors - Suicide Squad

2017     Space                                 Seniors - Madhouse

This summer you can catch us performing at many different events:

Saturday 20th May: 2.30pm St Peters & pauls, Chaldon

Saturday 25th June: 2.45pm At Keston Primary School Summer fete

Saturday 2nd July: 2pm at Old Coulsdon Village Fair, Grange Park

Sunday 17th July: 3pm at Foal Farm Animal Sanctuary, Biggin Hill


London Festival of Gymnastics 2017 -

Friday 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October

Tickets have already gone on sale for this years festival of gymnastics taking place on the above dates at the Brentwood Leuisure Centre in Essex. Its a fab display of gymnastics clubs of various disciplines from all around Great Britain performing on the floor to music & lights with outfits, tumbles and balances to match. 

Its a great show to watch, its like 'theatre on a sprung floor' so if you have the time, come along and enjoy the show!



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