23rd Nov 2008

Joshua Lockyer and Lucy Hughes entered the Bronze level comp held at Newham Sports Centre, for Lucy it was the first time at this level and she managed a well deserved 6th place, Joshua who was competing for his second time at this level came home with a Gold medal and also earned himself the Bronze Pin which shows his score was high enough for him to progress to Silver Level in the next competition. WELL DONE BOTH OF YOU!

Congratulations to Rebecca Lockyer & Heather Kelvin

On there success at the regional twin piece competition on Sunday 16th November. 12th out of 18, 3 places higher then last year, well done girls it was a fantatic perfomance.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts that took part in the cheam competition on sunday 4th November

Round one

Jevon Clark 4th, Ethan McCheyne 1st, Karl Wheeler 2nd,Eleanor Spurring 5th

Jen Ives 2nd, Adam Dobson 1st, Sarah Lockyer 3rd, Harriet Christelow 6th

Round 2

Rosa Clark 3rd, Maisie Hinds 4th, Hannah Griffin 5th, Luke Addai 2nd

Emily Baxter 1st, Zoe Loizou 2nd, Carina Sosteric 5th, Erin Wiercx 6th

Round 3

Samuel Poupart 2nd, Joshua Lockyer 3rd

Out of 21 these gymnasts came

Georgia Hatherway 7th, Lucy Hughes 8th,Taylor Leech 10th joint

Ailis Mallinson 11th, Rosie Gray 17th joint, Anna Gray 17th joint

Out of 18 these gymnasts came

Amber Hill 15th, Geetika Bhatia 16th, Amy Dobson 17th
The coaches were proud of everyone who took part
The coaches have a gossip in between rounds!
September Regional Comp

Rebecca Lockyer performed some very solid routines in the september regional competition, the pictures below were taken through warm up and competition.
Bex at September Regional Competition
Warm Up
The flex toe not quite to handstand
performed on bars!
Standing was a balancing act!
Elegant performance on the floor

Rebecca Lockyer came 3rd place at the june regional competion

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