27th Jun 2009

105 Gymnasts took part in our bi-annual competition.  Everyone had an enjoyable time and the gymnasts all did their best.  WELL DONE to you all.  Here are the results:

GOLD MEDALS:  Rebecca Lockyer, Taylor Leech, Maisie Hinds, Samuel Poupart, Sarah Lockyer, Olivia Murphy, Eleanor, Vivienne, Megan Forrester, Sheldon, Rachael, Tom, Harry, Yasmin L, Jemma, Georgia, Niamh, Jake and Annabelle

SILVER MEDALS: Amy Dekkers, Emily Baxter, Hannah Griffin, Ethan McCheyne, Danielle McLaren, Lucy Hughes, Lucie, Lauren, Agatha, William, Hannah, Jack, Luke Addai, Eden, Amy, Ailis, Alice, Jevon Clark and Geetika

BRONZE MEDALS: Heather Kelvin, Zoe Loizou, Rosa Clark, Nathan Parmenter, Harriet Christelow, Erin Wiercx, Charlotte G, Georgina, Ellie, Jared, Rosie, Jude, Mitchelle, Holly D, Zoe, Hannah, Cameron, Rosie and Amy H.

The other gymnasts who took part were:  Charlotte Diplock, Karl Wheeler, Elise O'Connor, Summer, Rose, Seren, Maisie G, Daisy H, Emelie Torlot, Ezme P, Molly, Mia, Lily, Joseph, Shayan, Luke C, Megan S, Emma, Amberley, Darcy, Tazmin, Lucie S, Hayley, Jack B, Rowan, Halina, Nicole, Danielle H, Elizabeth, Millie G, Leah, Olivia D, Chloe, Caitlin, Isabella, Phoebe, Sarah M, Anna, Jasmine, Bonnie, Libby, Dawn, Katie, Danica, Lucy F. and Isabel.

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