Cheam Floor & Vault Invitational

 22nd Nov 2009

Once again Zodiac had a good number of gymnasts entered for this competition, in fact there were 28 in total.  WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU, YOU DID US PROUD!

Round 1 - Karl Wheeler 2nd out of 4 gymnasts, Harriet Christelow 2nd and Sarah Lockyer 4th out of 4 gymnasts

Round 2 - Eloise Marchant 4th, Ailis Mallinson 7th, Rebecca Stahl 11th, Hannah Feighery 11th, Georgia Hathway 12th out of 17 gymnasts, Nathan Parmenter 1st, Jevon Clark 5th out of 6 gymnasts, Loveday Lawton 9th out of 10 gymnasts and Samuel Poupart 1st, Ethan McCheyne 3rd out of 3 gymnasts

Round 3 - Hannah Griffin 3rd, Rosa Clark 5th, Maisie Hinds 7th, Eden 8th, Olivia Murphy 10th, Rachael McFarlane 20th out of 22 gymnasts, Luke Addai 1st out of 3 gymnasts, Amy Hollingworth 5th, Cameron Betts 6th, Esmee Allenby-Straker 10th, Jemma Denman 11th, Erin Wiercx 13th out of 20 gymnasts, Rachel Gallagher 4th, Darcy Joao 8th and Emma Betts 11th out of 11 gymnasts.

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