Zodiac Club Competition

 30th Jan 2011

This competition was the one scheduled for December but due to the weather we had to postpone it.  Unfortunately none of the others clubs we invited were able to attend this time but I think everyone who took part on the day enjoyed themselves.  Well Done everyone.

UNDER 6 - Jessica Hinds and Oscar Griffin, they did not actually compete but both did a floor routine and a vault for which they received a medal and certificate.

6 YEARS - GOLD Megan Forrester, SILVER Aggie Joao, BRONZE Emelie Torlot

7 YEARS - GOLD Rachel Gallagher, SILVER Lois Beckwith, BRONZE Darcy Joao, 4th Maisie Hemmings, 5th Samuel Fawke, 6th Hollie Wicking

8 YEARS - GOLD Vanessa Beal, SILVER Luke Addai, BRONZE Eden, 4th Danielle Hickson, 5th Madeleine Brookes

9 YEARS - GOLD Mitchell Torlot, SILVER Erin Wiercx

10 YEARS - GOLD Georgia Hathway, SILVER Sophie Higson, BRONZE Hannah Feighery, 4th Jasmine MacKintosh, 5th Phoebe Hickson

11 YEARS - GOLD Loveday Lawton, SILVER Geetika Bhatia, BRONZE Oliver Westergaard-Belcher

13 YEARS - GOLD Summer Pound, SILVER Ellie Gallagher, BRONZE Lucy Jones

JUNIOR SQUADS - GOLD Carla Stoica, SILVER Maisie Hinds, BRONZE Dominic Montgomery, 4th Samuel Poupart, 5th Zoe Loizou, 6th Eden, followed by Tiah Talbot, Erin Wiercx, and Hannah Griffin

SENIOR SQUADS - GOLD Rebecca Lockyer, Harriet Christelow and Jen Ives, SILVER Charlotte Diplock, BRONZE Alex Stoica, 4th Ailis Mallinson, 5th Lucy Hughes, 6th Eloise Merchant and then Loveday Lawton

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