Cheam Floor & Vault

 6th Mar 2011

Due to this falling the same weekend as the LGF Grades we had to restrict our entr but still managed to enter a total of 14 gymnasts, they all did the club and their coaches proud.  Well done to you All.  Here are the results.

BOYS 11/12 YRS CLASS 5 (Out of 4 gymnasts) - GOLD Dominic Montgomery, SILVER Oliver Westergaard-Belcher, BRONZE Nathan Parmenter

GIRLS 6 YRS CLASS 6 (Out of 7 gymnasts) - BRONZE Megan Forrester, 5th place Aggie Joao

GIRLS 11 YRS CLASS 5 (Out of 10 gymnasts) - 7th place Loveday Lawton, 8th place Hannah Feighery and 10th place Ailis Mallinson

GIRLS 8 YRS CLASS 6 (Out of 8 gymnasts) - SILVER Darcy Joao

GIRLS 9 YRS CLASS 5 (Out of 6 gymnasts) - BRONZE Eden, 5th place Vanessa Beal

GIRLS 10 YRS CLASS 5 (Out of 5 gymnasts) - 5th place Lucy Hughes

BOYS U11 YRS CLASS 5 (Out of 3 gymnasts) - GOLD Mitchell Torlot, BRONZE Luke Addai

L to R - Dominic, Oliver & Nathan
L to R - Loveday, Aggie, Hannah, Megan & Ailis
B Row - Mitchell,Darcy,
Luke & Eden
F Row- Lucy & Vanessa
B Row - Megan,Eden,Darcy & Luke  
F Row - Vanessa,Aggie & Mitchell
L to R - Loveday,Hannah,
Ailis & Lucy

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