LG Grades - Heathrow

 26th Feb 2012

We had 8 girls take their Grades this year,  after a lot of hard work in the gym leading up to grades they all did very well and everyone passed.

GRADE 10                                Taylor Leech                                Passed

GRADE 11 (11yrs & Under)        Carla Stoica                                Distinction

                                               Zoe Loizou                                  Passed

GRADE 12 (In Age)                   Vanessa Beal                               Passed

                                               Maisie Hinds                                 Passed

                                               Hannah Griffin                              Passed

GRADE 13 (In Age)                   Lois Beckwith                               Passed

GRADE 14 (In Age)                   Megan Forrester                           Passed

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