LG Bronze, Silver & Gold Competitions

 28th Apr 2012


15+ yrs     - Zoe Carruthers                      8th out of 12

13   yrs     - Hannah Feighery                 3rd out of 10  BRONZE MEDAL and PIN

12   yrs     - Ailis Mallinson                         11th out of 19

8+  yrs     - Oliver Westergaard - Belcher    1st out of 11 GOLD MEDAL


11+yrs      - Karl Wheeler                          3rd out of 5 BRONZE MEDAL


12+yrs      - Samuel Poupart                      2nd out of 2 SILVER MEDAL

Everyone did very well in the competitions a few only just missing out on receiving their PIN which would mean moving up to the next level.  Congratulations to Hannah who after her second competition managed to get her Bronze Pin meaning she now has to compete at Silver level

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