Zodiac Club Competition

 22nd Jul 2012

This competition was the first to take place in our new home.  We would like to say a well done to everyone who took part especially for those who were taking part in their first competition.  During the day we also had the chance to see and hold one of the Olympic Torches as one of our parents carried the torch after being nominated for her work with The Lily Foundation.

5 YEARS - GOLD Jack Barwick, SILVER Saeren Brett, BRONZE Elise Ayling - others in this age group were Maddie Smith, Erin O'Connor, Rosie Simon, Jada Kelly, Anna Rider and Elizabeth Harper

6 YEARS - GOLD Isabel Whittaker, SILVER Olivia Barson, BRONZE Amelia Lunghi - others in this group were Katie Martin, Ava Van Aalst, Caitlin Garlick, Izabela Podjed, Cara Kelly and Layne Eakins

7 YEARS - GOLD Sophie Harwood, SILVER Isabel Rider, BRONZE Rosie Merritt - others in this group were Poppy Mateus, Mia Whatmore and Joseph Blake

8 YEARS - GOLD Harry Evans, SILVER William Blake, BRONZE Skye Whelan - others in this group were Jessica Ryan and Tia Speller

9 YEARS - GOLD Jake Venter, SILVER Katie Merritt, BRONZE Hollie Wicking - others in this group were Samuel Pulley, Gemma Lilley, Millie Spain, Victoria Perry and Rebecca Rapps

10 YEARS - GOLD Oliver McGowan, SILVER Hanna Fuzer

11 YEARS - GOLD Anna Given, SILVER Morgan Faulkner, BRONZE Ella Salter - 4th Georgia Hodge

12,13 and 14 YEARS - GOLD Hannah Feighery, SILVER Ailis Mallinson, BRONZE Summer Pound - 4thGeorgia Hathway

15+ YEARS - GOLD Beckee Shapland

ADULT + GUEST - GOLD Joshua Lockyer and Dawn Lockyer

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