Twin Piece Championship 2016

 13th Nov 2016

Twin Piece 2016 at Heathrow Gymnastics Club

This weekend saw girls from the womens artistic squad compete at the regional Twin Piece competition at Heathrow gymnastics club. This is a great competition and lots of fun and the girls always really enjoy themselves.

Gymnasts are put into partners and then compete with their partner, each performing on two pieces of apparatus to recieve their combined score for all 4 pieces of apparatus. The girls have the opportunity during training to support their partner, encourage them and challenge them to perform better, more confidently or achieve more. 

Our junior girls had a fantastic comp with partners Lily & Lauren, Maddy & Ruby, Izzy & Tianie, Reneh & Iona together

Senior girls were Sophie & Melissa, Sasha & Lily, Anna & Sophia, Ellie & Naomi, Rachel N & Rachel G

Sasha & Lily finished overall in 4th place and were our Zodiac Senior champions with the highest overall score out of the Zodiac seniors. And junior champions were joint Maddy & Ruby and Lily & Lauren. Well Done girls!! 

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