Regional Club Grades 2015

 25th Mar 2015

In March selected gymnasts from our Pink, Blue and Purple squads competed in the Regional Grading competition at Heathrow Gymnastics Club. It requires gymnasts to perform specific elements on each piece of apparatus and to also perform a range and conditioning routine which tests their strength and felexibility. It is a tough competition and all our gymnasts performed outstandingly and put in a fantastic effort.

Ruby Locke competed in Grade 14 and recieved a COMMENDATION.

Izzy Whittaker and Tianie Webber competed in Grade 13 and both recieved COMMENDATION.

Sophie Harwood competed in Grade 12 and recieved COMMENDATION.

Sasha Tracey competed in Grade 11 and recieved a DISTINCTION.


Our overall Zodiac Champion scoring the highest overall score out of the Zodiac Gymnasts was:

Sophie Harwood

Well done Sophie!!

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