Orpington Invitational

 18th Jun 2016

This weekend saw gymnasts from the womens artistic squad, floor and vault squad and development squad compete at the Orpington Invitationl competition.


Gymnasts from the development squad included Zoe Hardy & Kaitlin Haeger-Gibbs, both girls put in a great performance on both floor and vault and saw Zoe finish in 2nd place and Kaitlin in 4th place in their respective age groups.

The floor and vault squad gymnasts included Katie Martin, Zaina Kent, Megan Streets, Lily Drinkwater & Jess Hardy, all 5 girls put in great performances on the vault and performed lovely floor routines. Results were as follows

Katie 2nd place, Zaina 1st place, Lily D 4th place, Megan 6th place and Jess 1st place (in their respective age groups)

Well Done girls!! Keep up the hard work :)


The last round saw gymnasts from the womens artistic squad competing - this included gymnasts from the pink, blue & purple squad and Orpington put up some tough competition for our girls!

Lacey finished in 3rd place, Charlotte finished 4th place, Sophia finished in 6th place, Lauren finished in 3rd place, Izzy finished in 2nd place & Iona in 4th place. Lily B finished in 3rd place, Sasha in 5th, Sophie in 6th & Naomi in 7th.

(All in their respective age groups)

It was a great day and lots of fun and Zodiac gymnasts really enjoyed competing and performing!

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