Level 4,3,2&1 Individual Championships

 25th Jun 2017

This weekend was the first individual championships at Level 4 for Sophie, Sasha & Lily, having used the team championships a few weekends ago as a warm up the girls were more relaxed and confident going into the comp and had been training hard. 

All three girls performed beautiful routines and although a couple of falls on beam, they moved onto perform stunning floor routines, powerful and contolled vaults and finished up with the best bar routines Coach Bex had ever seen them do!!

She was very proud of all three girls, who having achieved individual skills, completed routines and smashed personal goals did a great job.

Sasha walked away with 3rd place overall and 3rd palce on Bars, Beam, Floor & Vault

Sophie finished in 10th overall and 5th place on vault

Lily finished in 6th place with 4th place on Floor

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