GFA Team Gym Competition

 22nd Nov 2015

6 Gymnasts from the Floor and Vault Squad for the first time ever in Zodiac history competed in a Team Gym competition!

Katie Martin, Zaina Kent, Miah Hawkins, Lily Drinkwater, Isabel Rider and Hanna Fuzer made up the team.

They competed as a Senior team even though the majority of the team were Juniors, they had Seniors in the team meaning they had to move up to that age category. They worked hard in the weeks leading up to it with Coach Bex choreographing and practicing the routine which was to Bruno Mars 'Count on Me'.

At the comeptition the girls stormed it and took everyones breath away with a super routine and almost flawless finish.

The team finished in 3rd place!! Zodiac History was made!

Also recieving a special Judges commendation Award for the Smiliest performance was Isabel Rider, for her super smile throughout the routine and overall performance. Well done Issy!

Coach Bex and Coach Dawn are very proud of you all.

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