GFA Level 3 & 4 Floor & Vault competition

 6th May 2017

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks and sessions leading up to this competition the girls had. They have all worked very very hard at making changes to already existing floor routines or making up new routines to put forward for this competition in line with all the new GFA rules that started from Jan 2017.

Saturday morning saw Hanna, Lily, & Hannah competing at Level 4 and Megan competing at Level 3. All the girls had a super comp with both Hanna and Lily finishing just short of recieving their pins but putting out two super vaults and good clean floor routines. Megan finishing in 2nd place overall, Highest Vault Score of her age group and recieving her pin meaning she will move up to Level 4 next year. Hannah finished in 6th place overall and also receieved her pin meaning she will move up to Level 5 next year. Both Megan and Hannah are also through to the GFA Finals in November of this year.

level 4 girlslevel 4 girls

Next round saw Jess competing at Level 3, in which she came away with a 6th place finish overall and also finishing 2nd on vault in her age group. Jess will also go through to the GFA finals in November!

jess level 3

Last round of the day was Isabel's turn at Level 3, she came away with 3rd place overall and finished with the Highest Vault score in her age group recieving a trophy! Isabel will also join Megan, Hannah and Jess into the GFA finals in November.

Floor and Vault Squad

What a super day of competition it was and Coach Dawn returned the following morning for Katie's round. Katie put out 2 super vaults and a new improved floor routine at Level 4, coming away just short of recieving her pin unfortuately. Well done for the super effort and hard work leading up to the comp.

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