Club & Regional Grades 6-1

 27th Feb 2017

Wow!! What a fabulous and worthwhile weekend we have had!

The artistic girls squad have been working hard for months preparing for their club and regional grading competition where they have to perform set skills on apparatus and achieve a certain score to achieve a pass, commendation or distinction.

All the gymasts have worked tirelessly and put in so much effort on their routines and their coaches have been dedicated and hardworking to see them achieve everything they needed before taking part in the competition.

Saturday afternoon saw the youngest gymnast compete in her 1st ever 4 piece competition at Grade 6 In Age - Lorelia did a fab job and was very pleased with her results as she came away with a DISTINCTION!

Saturday evening was the turn of Grade 3 In Age gymnast Izzy who worked really hard at pulling off beautiful routines and came away with a bronze medal and a DISTINCTION!

On Sunday we had a very early start with 3 Grade 5 In Age girls competing and Rika, Lacey and Charlotte put in an incredible amout of effort and tried really hard to perform beautiful routines. All 3 girls came away with DISTINCTIONS!

Next up was the turn of our Grade 4 Out of Age girls, Sophia & Iona who both have struggled with some skills in the lead up to the comp but on this occasion pulled out all the stops to do their best routines and both came away with COMMENDATIONS!

The penultimate round was the Grade 4 In Age girls, and again although all four girls had some skills they had struggled with in the lead up to the competition they pull out all teh stops and pulled off beautiul and stunning routines, they gave it their all on their range and conditioning and Lily was personally congratulated by the judge on her incredible Range & Conditioning routine. Lauren, Ruby, Maddy & Lily all passed their grades; Ruby finishing with a high COMMENDATION and Lauren, Maddy and Lily DISTINCTIONS!

Finaly, the last round of the day, the Grade 2 and Grade 1 girls! The coaches had been waiting all day for this round and all 6 girls had great warm ups and were focused, confident and ready. Naomi, Ellie, Sophie & Melissa went round with Coach Rachel & Coach Sarah and all 4 girls put in stunning performaces, they really gave every piece their all and after some tense beam routines the competition came to an end and Naomi & Ellie came away with COMMENDATIONS & Sophie & Melissa with DISTINCTIONS! The coaches could not have been prouder!

Lily & Sasha were competitng in their final and hopefully last grade, Grade 1! Their skills were hard and they maintained focus the whole way round, they completed every routine to the best of their ability and supported and cheered the other club we went round with. Moral was high and going onto their last piece the floor, the girls were nervous, with 4 tumble runs to complete they knew they had to give every bit of energy left. Both girls came away with DISTINCTIONS! 

All three coaches could not have been prouder of every gymnast that took part this weekend and every training session that required dedication and commitment was worth it when the gymnasts did such good routines! Well done girls!!

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