Caterham Carnival June 2019

 21st Jun 2019




A fantastic well done to the girls from all the squads who performed so well in the wet conditions at this year's Caterham Carnival. 

A BIG thank you to everyone that got involved in the lead up to the carnival, either by donating bottles or helping with the labelling on Friday night. We collected 391 bottles in total this went to the carnival commity tombola.

We also ran a sweet filled jar tombola. On the day we raised just over £300. This money was put together along with money raised from Bags To School (£68) and the money raised from school visits to buy a new coaching block and mat topper which costs £700.

The club was a benificiary to the carnival and we are very grateful to all the parents who helped set up, run and put away the carnival. It was a very busy day and we will find out later in September how much money the carnival will be passed on to us. This will go towards buying our new set of bars.

Lastly a BIG thank you goes to Angela M for being on the carnival committee on behalf of the Club.

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